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The Social Grammar Project are a massive 6 piece, creating a unique twist on a mixture of genres. We had a ’60 Seconds’ chat to the band about the future of the band, how they support each other and their big goals for 2021.

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For anyone who hasn’t heard The Social Grammar Project’s sound, how would you describe it? 

A mixture of indie rock, psychedelic rock, soul and blues.

As a six piece band, what’s the dynamic of the band like? 

We’re spiritually connected with common interests as musicians, always striving to help and grow.

How do you all support each other in the band, musically and personally? 

Laughter and banter to be honest it’s another world when we’re all together, all your woes seem to disappear at the door. 

How has it been not being able to gig for such a long time? 

Vile, but on a positive it gave us time to reflect on ourselves and bring new ideas to the table.

What are you most looking forward to about getting back out into the live scene? 

Showcasing the project, it’s exciting! And that crowd interaction and chemistry it’s a drug we’re addicted too, it’s live music.

 Is there anywhere you’re keen to play this year? Cities and/ or venues? 

We want to get on the map to be fair in all major cities and towns Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Leicester,  Birmingham and so on. Specially the festivals Reading/Leeds, Isle of Wight and you can’t beat a decent pub gig!

Have you got any goals for the band this year?

To enjoy every step of getting there! To that place of recognition and admiration.

You’ve been recording some tunes to soon be released, what can fans expect to hear from them? 

Trippy beautiful psychedelic indie rock with a drop of blues for the soul. It’s collectively a full band input each member gave their worth to each part of the songs. Proper excited for everyone to hear it…

What opportunities do you think this will bring you? 

The opportunity of building on our already growing fan base, festivals and to take this overseas. Our aim is to be that a name that you remember.

Finally, what can we expect to see from The Social Grammar Project this year? 

Lots of beautiful music live gigs and good times…. 





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