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The Sherlocks reached number six in the official UK charts last year with debut album ‘Live For The Moment’. Having supported the likes of  Liam Gallagher, Kings Of Leon and Richard Ashcroft as well embarking on a relentless schedule of their own headline slots, the quartet – comprising two sets of brothers played TRNSMT last weekend. They also played an exclusive acoustic performance of ‘Chasing Shadows’ which you can watch below. We caught up with the whole band but spoke mainly to Kiaran Crook, the chattiest of the bunch for a quick chat.

So you’re topping the bill today on the King Tut’s stage which has recently been described as the stage for headliners of the future. How does it feel to have this backing behind you from one of the biggest festivals the UK has to offer?

Yeah, I think we are happy with that branding and hopefully we are going to be headlining festivals, we can all see it as a band and so can our fans, in a couple of years after we’ve got a couple of more albums under our belt. It’s our first time at TRNSMT to be fair but I didn’t realise they was branding this stage as that so it is quite nice.

What do you think to TRNSMT compared to the other festivals you have played?

Its good actually yeah and they’ve got good catering. We’ve just been for our food and its spot on.

So being from Sheffield (obviously the best city in the world) that has a strong musical background. Who would you say you biggest musical influences are?

Kings of Leon, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, ELO, The Beatles, The clash. Loads of stuff to be honest.

Are your family musical? What got you into singing and playing?

Not really one of my dads plays the flute and the other dad I don’t know him.

Tell me about the band for any of the Scottish fans who may want to know more…

We are 2 sets of brothers from two different schools and we just gravitised together and clicked.

Your debut album came out over a year ago, was you expecting the massive response that it got?

Not really no, I don’t think anyone did to be fair, even our label we’re signed to didn’t expect it, it was about the atmosphere and it went in at number 4 and we finished at number 6 so it did better than anyone expected.

Can we expect a follow up album anytime soon?

Hopefully, it’ll be out the first quarter of next year.

You’ve had an amazing year touring Europe with Liam Gallagher, how did this come about? Did it stem from the pretty green gig you played in Sheffield?

It could have yeah but were on the same PR as him as well but obviously every band that plays in Pretty Green has to be signed off by him anyway because he has the final say. We seem to be playing quite a lot with him.

You’re playing a wide variety of festivals this summer followed by a UK tour later in the year, what’s life on the road like with The Sherlocks?

Just getting hammered all the time, beers and that.

What necessities are needed when on the road?

Beer, IPA and a good quality fruit blender.

Do you find it hard being in a popular band at a young age?

We’re not in a popular band so no. We’re in an unpopular band but that seems to work for us.

One date the tours lacking. Is there something big going to be happening in Sheffield?

We missed loads out, we’ve missed Manchester aswell.


Pulp or Arctic Monkeys?

Arctic Monkeys

Milburn or Reverend and the Makers? 


Bradfield Brewery or Kelham Island Brewery?

Can’t say I’ve had either.

Hendersons or Worcester sauce?

Haven’t tried Hendersons.

Leadmill or Plug?




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