Rock & roll has always been as such a potent voice for a cultural revolution and at the moment we are on the cusp yet again for such an occurrence, there is yet again that magical thrill in the air. A number of bands are in the midst of an astonishing creative peak, they are talented, bright, and extremely passionate about their craft. They are at the forefront of successfully driving a wedge into the heart of the mainstream, and due to the high bar of talent, it’s unstoppable. 

New bands are emerging, friendships and networks are forming with promoters and labels and the fans are passionate.  

One of these bands is the abundantly enthusiastic West Midlands based trio, The Americas (who let’s just clarify, are making very British music), the band are Alex Bradshaw, Aaron Whittaker and Harry Payne. Word on the street was that these were a great band, I’ve been aware of them a while and interviewed them back in April but had not yet had the privilege of seeing them live. 

Well…. they are a little more than great, they are a sensational hard rock and blues get up with a blow the house down set that could immediately translate into a debut album perfectly.

Ripping it up with great playing, stick in your head songs, the minute they start their set it’s immediately clear that the rebirth of rock n roll is upon us.

Telling stories throughout their tunes with catchy riffs, there are influences of many different genres and styles, The Rolling Stones and Iggy and the Stooges are apparent. Seeing The Americas perform is like rediscovering that buzz you had when you’re young and immersed in rock and roll. 

Their live set includes straight-up belters including ‘Hot Minute’ and ‘Tenth Day of May’ and believe you me, it’s mesmerising.

The aura I get with them offstage is that same aura from The Broken Witt Rebels when I spoke to them at IOW festival, they are damn serious about their band and their craft, they know what they want and they are willing to work damn hard to get it. 

With The Americas hard work mentality, coupled with their tight musical abilities and moreish live shows means only one thing, these guys are heading straight for the top.

You can catch The Americas at the sold out YNOT Festival this weekend. They also have just announced a September tour with this feeling. Tickets at www.thisfeeling.co.uk

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