This explosive Blackpool foursome, with Spub Newburn on drums, Bobby Bentham on guitar and vocals, Jack Bentham on guitar and Will Bentham on bass, can always be counted on to serve us a mash-up of distorted post-punk anthems and catchy indie riffs creating their unique commentary on life in our times. Known for their amazing Strange Bones t-shirts: ‘Scum’ and ‘Theresa is a Terrorist’ to name but two (readily available online and on tour), the boys are always keen to share their views and educate the masses where politics is concerned through merch and music – they certainly pull no punches and use their platform to educate. With a recent tour behind them and new recording ahead of them, we caught up with Strange Bones to talk lyrics, videos and key inspirations.

How would you describe your music to anyone who hasn’t heard it before?

Anti-establishment Blackpool rock

Where do you find your inspiration for your songs?

I find inspiration from all aspects of life. Frustration and anger in this pseudo-reality we live in plays a big part in my songwriting, how everything around me seems so fucking plastic, how we are all so happy plodding through life as obedient members of the spectacle society, society has anxiety, we are not people, we are consumers, we are algorithms, we are conditioned to want stupid shit, to spend our time doing shit all, judging each other on our place on the ladder of life, working like a dog for fuck all. How the population is in a trance, listening to the toxic media, every scheme, every narrative, every bit of bias they spew across the nation. There’s no future in this discourse, destroy the remote control, the crocodile bites as it cries the river.

Who are your influences? From growing up to what you listen to now?

We were brought up on a steady diet of punk rock. Bands like; UK SUBS, GBH and Goldblade were our early influences as kids. As we all got older we started listening to a much broader range of music, and this eventually birthed Strange Bones. Will

Which instruments did you learn to play when you were growing up? How does that translate into the instruments you play today?

Literally, the exact same instruments that we all play now. All four of us have been playing in bands together since we were kids.

Tell us a little about ‘We the Rats’, the process of writing it and a little about the messages it contains.

I wrote it as a call to arms against a fucked up tory regime, and how the wealth cap in this country is illustrated so clearly through the people running the show. How austerity has made life impossible for so many people and how 1000 rats can kill a wolf

The video to ‘Big Sister is Watching’ is mesmerising – what were your influences for it?

Big sister is watching is about the snooper’s charger and the IP bill. A very secretive bill set in motion by the Tories that essentially takes away our privacy. The video is a visual representation of that.

You’ve collaborated with Stormzy and Skepta recently – how did that come about? How was Energy devised?

It was a sound clash/remix of a track by an Artist called Avelino, featuring Stormzy and Skepta. Avelino heard our band and sent me the stems.

‘God Save the Teen’ became a real anthem this Summer and is a firm favourite among your fans. Why do you think that is?

I don’t know, it’s pretty easy to teach people the chorus I guess?

What’s next for you guys? Upcoming releases or performance dates? Any exciting news you can share with us first?

We are currently in the studio recording our next set of tracks. We have a big Blackpool show December 22nd and lots of touring in 2018!







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