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With Sophie Scott on vocals and guitar, Toby Holmes on lead guitar, Bailey Stapledon on bass and Chris  Hill on drums, Sophie and the Giants are a retro pop four-piece based in Sheffield. They have worked with the likes of Natalie Findlay (Findlay)and Jon McClure and Eddy Cosens (Reverend and the Makers). Their influences include Blondie, Wolf Alice and Haim. The band have quickly mastered the art of having a unique and authentic sound, that has in turn, saw them recently getting signed to Universal in Germany. We caught up with the band before their performance on our stage this weekend at YNot Festival with This Feeling, Pirate Studios and Lyle and Scott.

First of all from all of us here at Northern Exposure, massive Congratulations for signing with Universal Germany!! How are we feeling?

Soph: Thank you! Words cannot describe, but we are feeling incredibly enthusiastic and driven more than anything. We’re only at the beginning of our careers and we’re so grateful to have such an incredible team behind us who believe in our music.

What has the journey been like to reach this moment, what would you say has been a stand out memory for the band?

Soph: Definitely moving to Sheffield together last year. We were all about to finish college in Guildford and had come to the decision to just move somewhere completely new and live on the cheap for a while so we could put absolutely everything into the band. This was obviously very risky at the time but paid off big time. If we’d stayed where we were, we’d be working full time jobs right now just to get by and who knows what the band would be doing.

What was your earliest memory of music?

Soph: I have so many distinct memories of when I was really really young going on long car journeys with my family and listening to a lot of Blondie and Queen’s greatest hits every time. I remember trying to pick out all the different parts in the songs and the way it gave me a weird feeling in my stomach, like excitement and nerves because I enjoyed it so much. I remember this more than wherever it was we were going.

Chris: I got knocked out at a Mumford and Sons gig at the age of 12 by being kicked in the face.

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Toby: I think the earliest memory of discovering music for me has to be when I must’ve been around 8 years old. I ‘borrowed’ my sister’s CD of The Killers Hot Fuss album, and took it with me wherever I went, listening to it in my massive Sony Walkman. Not exactly the most handheld MP3 player ever.

Bailey: My first memory of music is drumming on the back of my dads car seats to Money for Nothin’ by Dire Straights.

‘Monsters’ your single has had some great air play with This Feeling’s track of the day on Radio X and also BBC introducing. What has the response been like?

Soph: It’s been a huge shock, I mean, we love the song and knew it was special when it was written but couldn’t have anticipated the response. Being our first release we wanted to make a statement, which could’ve gone one of two ways, but the response has been amazing and we can’t wait to show everyone what’s coming next!

You’ve been really busy with This Feeling TV, Isle of Wight, Truck Fest and YNOT. How are you finding being part of the This Feeling family?

Soph: It’s really nice being around so many bands and people who give each other so much support and also opportunities, it’s not a competitive environment, it’s just appreciation of music and people’s talents.


If you could have a jam session with anyone who would it be and why?

Soph: I think collectively we’d probably choose Arcade Fire but for a laugh I’d choose Confidence Man cause they’re great and I wanna learn her moves.

In April you went on a UK tour with Trampolene. Is there a particular venue/place that stood out for you that you are looking forward to returning to?

Soph: Well, Scala was the biggest venue we’d played to date and the biggest crowd, I dunno how long it’d take till we can relive that gig but it was on another level for us.

What’s next for Sophie and The Giants, I see you also have a tour supporting Reverend and the Makers in October. What more do we have to get excited about?

Soph: Our first ever European tour is taking place in September with the main man Tom Grennan! We’ve also been working super hard behind the scenes on something we are VERY excited about, but let’s just say new music is coming really soon.

The band play YNot this weekend for This Feeling and Scotts on The Allotment Stage.

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