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Meet Sauce….



Band Members:

Henry Lewis

Dean Molyneux

Lewis Rushton

George Stead

Home Town:



Tell us about yourself… 

We’re a four-piece: Henry, Dean, George & Lewis based in Manchester – with a bit of help from Burnley and Stockport. We make rock’n’roll music and work our bollocks off so that one day we can say we made a difference.

Who are your major influences and inspirations, and why?

Anyone with riffs and groove really – Arctic Monkeys, Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Tame Impala, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin. All the class ones. 

Sum up the band in five words…

The World Keeps Turning Around.

Who writes your songs?

It changes each tune. Henry has written a few – most recently What Feels Better (Than You & I)?, George has written a few on his own and with Henry, and Dean, the most recent member, is now starting to write some special new material. Although some songs are written individually, there is no doubt that SAUCE is all about collaboration, nothing goes ahead unless all four members are digging it. Which most of the time we are.

What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs?

Being alive, being in love, arguing, getting pissed and all of that carry on.

Who is your favourite unsigned/underground band at the moment and why? 

Gathering Of Strangers. Tight as fuck live and just all round talents boys. They’re the only band we’ve seen at our level, and been like: “Fuck.”

What’s in your CD player right now, or last song you streamed? 

As we speak it’s our new tune haha – I burnt it to disk last night for a little tester. Before that, I think it was Sheer Heart Attack by Queen – legendary, under-rated, beautiful album seemingly from another world.

What are you like live? 

We like a bit of a chat with the crowd, like all bands we want people to be having it and getting involved while we make a racket, it’s as much the crowd’s gig as it is ours you know? But at the end of the day it’s about the music. Expect 7 – 10 minute renditions of our own tunes, Led Zeppelin covers, riffs, the best lead vocalist in England, and it’s fucking loud.

Do you have any upcoming shows?

Supporting White Room in December, another Leeds date after that early December, a couple in our new second home of Burnley (DISSSSCCCC-BEAAAARRRDDD) then have a massive end of year do at Night and Day. We can’t wait.

You’re stranded on a desert island and have one album with you, what is it? 

Abbey Road.

What’s on the horizon, and what can we look forward to from you?

Our new single, What Feels Better (Than You and I)? comes out on the 17th November, and it’s by far our best effort. New lead vocals from Dean, some serious production skills from Alex Quinn, not to mention the tune itself written by Henry which is quality. Recorded at Parr St in Liverpool it sounds exactly how we wanted, all the riffs, everything sounding massive, solos, groove, relatable lyrics and all the rest of it…

Quick-fire Questions: Answered by – Henry Lewis 

WEAPON OF CHOICE- Fender Mustang , black and white. A beautiful specimen.
BASE- I live in Salford now, but Crewe was where it all began.
FOOTBALL– Crewe Alexandra
GUILTY PLEASURE– Robbie’s new one with Big Narstie, it is genuinely one of the shittest things I’ve ever heard and the video is tragic but it’s decent entertainment if you get me. They’re both class though aren’t they? I’ve got a lot of time for them both.
HERO– Beatles, Gallaghers, Turner, Kevin Parker, Mac Demarco… the list goes on and on and on.
VILLAIN– Frank Turner man. The guy has stole a career.
BEST COMEDY SHOW- Because I’m still 15 in my head.
THREADS – I’ve got this big, black fuck-off jacket with a furry collar and all that jazz. Warm as, well nice.
TROTTERS – I’ve just bought some new adidas, not had a new pair for a good few years and I’m in love with them. Some fucking blue special things haha, well nice.
AT THE BAR – Pint of Guinness please.
GIG YOU WISHED YOU’D BEEN AT – Oasis Maine Road. It does my fucking head in that I was only two. It’s the whole idea of the ’90s, and that summer too with the Euros in England as well, I bet it was fucking unreal.
NIGHT OUT WITH ANYONE – I bet Bowie knew some places. Or Mick Jagger, maybe Mac Demarco actually….
FILM – Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
SOUNDTRACK – Snatch  – Fuckin’ In The Bushes on the boxing scene? Yes please.
Columbia / Oasis
The Word / The Beatles
1998 (Delicious) / Peace
TOP OF THE POPS – Well Liam G has topped the album charts so it can’t be too bad eh. There is a LOT of shit though isn’t there?
THREE WORDS – Sauce meanz tunez.





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