Nalgo Bay are from Cayton near Scarborough, they write high energy anthems and have received support from BBC Introducing’s Jericho Keys. We caught up with them for a ’60 Second Chat’.

Tell me a bit about your band & why should we check you out? (sell yourself!)
We are a brand new alt rock band from the small village of Cayton next to Scarborough. (Never heard of Cayton? It’s where that ginger lad from Corrie is from). We write in your face high energy anthems that are flooded with nostalgia. We’ve had some smashing support from Jericho Keys at Yorkshire BBC Introducing and have got tons of new tunes coming this year.
Who are your major influences and why?
Fleetwood Mac need we say more? We love a cheeky lyric now and then & growing up with Arctic Monkeys everywhere has definitely made an impact (they also write belting guitar hooks!) Snow Patrol purely for the honesty in the music & the way they just own their sound nothing else quite like that.
If you had to sum the band up in 5 words what would they be?
Catchy. Raw. Energy. Dual Vocals.
Who writes your songs? What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs (where do you get your inspiration from)?
It’s a joint working force in our song writing duo. Sometimes one of us will come to the other saying, “this just came to me in the shower, check it out” Other times Terri-Ann has gone to make a cuppa and Harry written a full on banger in the space of 3 minutes that then just needs her lyrics adding to it. Sometimes we start an idea together and nurture it over the finish line. For inspiration we use a lot of our experience of travelling, experiences and observations of life. From time to time in the writing process we sometimes interpret the songs totally differently and that ambiguity manages to creep through but we think that’s great! There are always two sides to everything and exploring this within music is something that really drives us both.
 Who is your favourite unsigned/underground band at the moment and why?
There are so many cool up and coming northern bands right now. It’s really exciting. We went to watch Pennine Suite at Fulford Arms in York the other week and they were just great. We loved em!
 What’s in your car CD player right now or the last song played on Spotify?
Last song we played on Spotify was coming back from our gig about 2am under the moonlight and that song was … the ET theme tune… A song selection by choice might we add, no random shuffle. (Yup, that’s us!).
 What is the best festival you’ve ever been to?
British Summer Time Hyde Park 2018. Paul Simon, James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt all in one bloody brilliant night.
Tiktok or Instagram?
Insta all the way.
Describe to me your live performance?
Often you will see us performing with bass, guitar, vocals and a drummer. Except we don’t actually have a drummer…we have 2 drum pedals that we split between us, Harry on kick and Terri-Ann on snare. We look like we’re doing some kind of weird jig but once people realise the sound is all coming from us there’s a lot of double takes! Our live shows are so energetic, our songs are full of energy and we bring that to the stage. We love gigging, nothing like it.
On that note do you have any upcoming shows?
We sure do! We’re actually putting on our own night at a new venue in Scarborough showcasing the brilliant emerging bands in Yorkshire right now. It’s on the ‘Seagrown’ ship on the South Bay pier, Scarborough May 11th at 7.30pm. We are also really excited to be playing the main stage in our hometown at Staxtonbury Festival this year on the 1st July.
 You’re stranded on a desert island and have an album to get through, what is it?
Tough one that… right now it would have to be Snow Patrol Reworked. Have you heard it? A lot of their old tunes literally reworked. You think you wouldn’t be blown away as you already know all the songs but honestly, it’s got a touch of magic. Can’t beat FWs ‘RUMOURS’ though…
 What’s on the horizon, what can we look forward to from you?
We have so much new music we are releasing this year we can’t wait. We’ve been working with Young Thugs Studio in York and we’ve got some bangers under our belt. Loads of song and gig announcements to come. We’ve been working really hard on our music and we’re just dead excited to get it out there and see who else is excited too! Our debut single ‘Amsterdam’ is out on all platforms on the 27th May.


FOOTBALL – What’s that?
GUILTY PLEASURE – Choices – The Hoosiers
HERO – Ricky Gervais
VILLAIN – Piers Morgan
BEST COMEDY SHOW – I’m Alan Partridge
THREADS – Can’t beat a Levi’s Denim Jacket
HOOFS – (Favourite footwear)  Converse Allstars
AT THE BAR? – Real ales & can’t beat a cheeky Guinness
NIGHT OUT WITH ANYONE – (Anyone in history)  Stephen Fry
FILM – (Favourite film)  One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
TOP TUNE OF ALL TIME – Empress – Snow Patrol
THREE WORDS – (Sum up band/you if solo) In Your Face





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