AutoPilot, are an Indie-Pop-Rock trio (including Andy Hopkins, formerly The Enemy), from the midlands. The band blend huge synth hooks guitars, anthemic vocals and to create instantly contagious choruses guaranteed to have the audience singing along!
First and foremost, how are you and your family handling lockdown?
It’s such a weird time, and as really social creatures staying in so much is a bummer but it’s important to put things into perspective. We’re just grateful that us and our loved ones are safe and really that’s all that matters.
Can you introduce your band and what style of music would you describe yourself as?
We’re an indie pop rock trio based in the midlands – we’d describe ourselves as surprisingly synth for a band without a keys player. Our live shows are all about the energy of the rock show with the distorted guitars to match – big sing along choruses and catchy hooks.
What influences do you draw upon?
Each of us have different tastes in music; we can’t ignore Andy’s roots in The Enemy and we all love the 00s indie vibes. Chris brings electronic elements from bands like Muse and 80s pop and Jack draws it all together with a touch of pop punk.

The Covid19 pandemic has hit us all hard, especially the music industry for obvious reasons. With live music sadly now non-existent for the foreseeable future, how do you plan to tackle promoting your music and band under the current circumstances?
Live shows are such a huge part of what we do, and what we love. This does give us chance to look at how we can get the energy of our live shows into our recordings, so we’re mainly using this time to polish our production. Feels rude not to jump on the band wagon of doing a few acoustic sessions on socials, but really that’s just for fun and to keep people smiling for the time being.
Are you off work and if so, are you spending much time writing?
Jack works for the NHS, which keeps him busy, and the other lads are being as creative as they can be. You can only ever write when you’re in the mood so we’re doing what we can, trying not to push ourselves too hard. We get a lot of inspiration from being together, which makes it tricky to be productive at the moment, but once this all blows over we’ll have lots of pieces to bring together.
Before lockdown what were you up to as a band? Any new releases we should be checking or looking out for?
We’ve got some tracks lined up for release that we’ve been sitting on for a while – we had planned to film music videos for them but we’re gunna have to think our way around it. Some lockdown themed zoom vibes.
What tune of yours should readers listen to right now, that sums you up the best?
We’re really proud of our latest release Brain Cell – we did our first music video for this and had such a good time making it. Check it out.

To finish, any advice for our readers on how to keep sane in these unprecedented times?
Be kind to yourself – if you wanna spend the day writing a symphony that’s cool, if you wanna spend the day in your pants binge watching the tiger king that’s cool too. There’s no right or wrong way of dealing with this, and some people will feel it more than others. Just take care of yourselves and the people you love; and we’ll see you after all this blows over.
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IMAGINE you could play any venue right now, which would it be?

We’d give anything to be back playing live again at any venue, so right now we’d settle for our local boozer! You can’t beat a big stage at a major festival though!
IMAGINE you could be the frontman, drummer, guitarist or bassist of ANY band, who would you be?
Chris – Even though he’s a drummer would love to be the bassist from Vulfpeck.
Andy – Wishes he was Mark Hoppus.
Jack – Wishes he was the bassist from The Enemy.
IMAGINE you are locked down with your musical hero, who is it?
Sex Pistols. Legends.
TOP LOCKDOWN TRACK: Is everyone going crazy? – Nothing but Thieves
TOP LOCKDOWN ALBUM: Junk Food – Easy Life
BEST LOCKDOWN SNACK: Chicken and Mushroom Pot Noodle


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