Calva Louise are a band gaining quick momentum as one of the most thrilling bands on the live circuit. Recently signing to Modern Sky, the band made This Feelings ‘Big in 2018’ and our ‘Best Live Bands of 2017‘.

Kate had a quick chat with the band about whats happening right now and what we’ve got to look forward from them next year. 

How would you describe your music to anyone who hasn’t seen you before?

Bubblegum punk with surf and garage influences!

What music did you listen to growing up?

We all listened to different things, Alizon was more into bands like Pink Floyd and Ben grew up listening to fast pop-punk and alternative bands. I was more into ’90s rock bands.

You all have quite different backgrounds – how do you think that combines to create your unique sound?

We really like to mix our different influences to try to make something interesting, I listen to a lot of South American bands like Calle 13 and Molotov since they tend to mix different sounds and genres! And because we all grew up in different countries, we all have a different point of view concerning various music scenes!

Who are your influences now?

Queens Of The Stone Age, Pixies, Blondie, The B-52s, Edgar Wright

Which instruments did you learn to play when you were growing up? How does that translate in to the instruments you play today?

Alizon started with cello and guitar and I started with piano so when we first met in school we sometimes played songs with these two instruments! Ben started with drums although he plays guitar too.

When you played for us the other month you were excited to announce your This Feeling residency. How was that?

It’s been great! Amazing atmosphere and lovely people! Very good bands too! We’ve also been added to their ‘Big in 2018‘ with Red Stripe, Radio X and Pirate Studios so we are really excited to play Nambucca in January.

Your latest release, Getting Closer, is going down a storm – can you talk about the influences for this song and why you chose to release it? What made it the next release for you?

Blur and Pixies were a huge influence for this song. We chose to release that as our first single because we felt the lyrics translate exactly how we feel right now in our lives.

What were your influences behind the Getting Closer video?

That was all our friend, Georges Hauchard-Heutte. Alizon and I went to school with him and he already was an amazing filmmaker. When he heard the song he offered to make a music video inspired by what he felt listening to the song that could be done with our very, very, very low budget! So he came up with the idea of someone trying to reach the ideal of oneself but kinda struggling to do so! He also wanted to make something funny with the animation, a bit inspired by Edgar Wright’s work on Scott Pilgrim, and also inspired by Michel Gondry’s music videos.

You have some exciting tour news – can you share that with us yet? 

Yes! We will be touring through December supporting our friends from Rascalton in Scotland, January with This Feeling for ‘Big in 2018‘ and in February we’re on the road with the mighty Spring King.

We also play London for This Feeling at The Monarch tomorrow!  

What’s next for you? Upcoming releases? 

We’ve got a couple of live videos that will come out soon, and hopefully two new songs too!




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