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I was delighted to be asked by Northern Exposure to come along to one of their showcases at the Frog & Parrot on Division Street last Thursday and do a review for the bands there.  I had a great night, met some really great like-minded people, who are doing some great work for the local scene and who do it for the love of the music just like us here at ‘Up In’t Smoke’. 

Here’s what I thought of the bands involved:

Brain Circus

This has gotta be the 3rd/4th time I’ve seen these guys play now. Grungy Rock is always nice to see!! (Grunge ISN’T DEAD!) Each time I see them, they get tighter and more confident. Cool guys, great sounding Guitars, Vocals and solid Drums! We anticipate some good shit to come from these in the near future! If you’ve not had the pleasure of seeing them yet, then get along to their next show! 

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Black Thunder Revue

I was admittedly blown away by these and caught slightly off guard! With their solid Bluesy Rock, sharp over tones and a ‘backwater’ feel, these guys certainly showed us that Blues Rock still has a solid place in the local scene! Plenty of presence and an attitude to match, in short: GO FUCKIN SEE EM! 😉

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Garage Flowers

Somewhere between Classic Rock and Indie? Despite the mad hair (bar the drummer!) and ‘Glam’ scarves, these guys have LOADS of stage presence! Natural performers who engage the crowd as much as possible! I was pleasantly surprised to see an act seemingly hell-bent on a revival from a lost but not forgotten era, that still influences so many of us to this day.

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Psychedelic? check. Grunge? check. Hard hitting? check and check! Probably the band I’ve seen the most since starting out on doing reviews and covering events. They’re certainly one of my favourite acts to see. You should devote your time to going to see them! They put on an absolutely awesome show, with loads of energy and a huge sound to match! These guys, for me, are at the forefront of the current revival of the Grunge scene in Sheffield. A great blend of Psychedelia effects drowned in a controlled yet somehow wild fuzz, masterfully tamed bass, tight crazy drums,  all topped off nicely with solid rhythm and catchy lyrics. If you’ve not seen them, do yourself a favour and get along to their next gig! 

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