‘Wrong Idea’ is the 3rd utterly brilliant new single from Guilford quartet, The Estevan’s. From the offset, the band have delighted our eardrums with some lively sounding, indie bangers after banger, gaining a solid and bigger fanbase with every offering.  Fresh and effervescent, this new release is no different as the band continue to lyrically observe their generation. The track shows further progression from fan favourites like ‘Gotta Know You’ and ‘2 Minutes From The Lincoln’ with an even more in yer face, fast paced indie, rock sound. 

The track kicks off with a pummelling drumbeat, following into some monolithic guitar riffs and tightly controlled blasts of post-punk yells of ‘Day in, day in, you got the wrong idea! You’ve something to learn, something that’s worth fucking everything else on earth for’. The track feels alive, rough-edged and is laced with The Estevan’s youthful vigour and melodic catchiness.  ‘You’re off in the back of the Micro with nothing more than your phone and your lighter’ It’s a tasty piece of the gloriously thrilling new sound of guitar music in 2020. The Estevan’s in a nutshell sum up for me what indie rock is all about, it’s the young generation’s voice

To sum up, another hair-raisingly exciting release from what I predict to be a very successful band.

Check it out here:

The band play on the 27th February at Camden Assembly. Grab tickets here: https://www.metropolismusic.com/artists/the-estevans/



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