When Blossoms announced that they were going to be playing one of their ‘Foolish Loving Spaces’ album launch shows at the O2 Ritz in Manchester, they sent social media into a frenzy. Fans across the country were scrambling to get tickets, with them then selling out within minutes. How did that excitement translate into the show, did Blossoms’ pull it off? 

Opening with ‘Your Girlfriend’ set the sold out crowd alight, people with their mates on shoulders and everybody was singing and dancing. This is where Blossoms excel the most, groovy pop bangers that get the crowd going every time. They then go straight into ‘There’s A Reason Why (I Never Returned Your Calls)’, taken from the band’s second album ‘Cool Like You’. The crowd’s reaction was insane once again, everyone was dancing, even those up on the balcony. 

Happiness exudes from the tracks played from Foolish Loving Spaces, catchy and unique yet still true to Blossoms’ signature sound. The band’s live set has expanded, seeing the introduction of four gospel singers, for the tracks from the new album. This new addition saw songs like ‘My Swimming Brain’ and ‘The Keeper’ truly come to life, with the crowd eating out of Tom Ogden’s hands for the entirety of them. 

‘Sunday Was A Friend of Mine’ may have been the calmest moment of the gig, with the crowd seeming to take in everything going on around them. This then went into the madness of their most recent single, ‘If You Think This is Real Life’, infectious and incredibly catchy, everyone was dancing. 

Blossoms’ set ended with their signature ending, ‘My Favourite Room’ saw the crowd sing so loud that it seemed to drown out Tom’s vocals, in the best way. It then morphed into ‘Your Gorgeous’ and ‘Half The World Away’, which fans love and adore more every time. ‘At Most A Kiss’ and ‘Charlemagne’ saw fans give all of their remaining energy to Blossoms, high energy and high fun with some even letting off flares for the occasion. 

Every time Blossoms go onto a new album cycle, it seems that they are getting better. This one is no different, the confidence and enjoyment came through from the band and the crowd’s reaction was as good as ever. 



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