Mad Winter are a four piece Manchester band formed in 2014. They have a 3 track EP titled Emergance which is out now on Spotify and are due to release Traffic, their new 3 track EP.

Lead vocals- James Hartley

Guitar- Jack Ofield

Bass- Scott Morris

Drummer- Callum Thomson

Tell me a bit about your band?

We’re a four piece Indie Rock band from Manchester, we’re all best mates and all take inspiration from many different genres. E.g our guitarist is inspired mainly by blues, our drummer was inspired by the stone roses, myself and our bassist are both inspired by Stereophonics and Oasis.

Who are your major influences?

When it comes to writing songs I take a heavy influence from John Lennon and Noel Gallagher but in terms of being a front man then i would say Kelly Jones and Liam Gallagher are my influences. I can learn a lot from Cage The Elephant as well 

How long have you all known each other?

Scott and Callum have known each other for around three years now, I met both of them and we joined a band a year after that, and Myself and Jack went to school together since we was 13/14 so that’s been a really long time to put up with him for ! 

How did you meet? 

Me Scott and Cal met through college back in 2014, became best mates and then I brought in my best mate from School ( Jack ) two years later and now here we are ! 

Where have you performed?

We have performed at venues such as Manchester Academy 3, Manchester Club Academy, The Deaf Institute, Night and Day Cafe and The Ritz. These are all really great venues to be playing at in Manchester but we need to be playing the same sort of venues outside of it. 

What are your favourite venues? 

I absolutely loved when we played at Dulcimer and Chorlton Arts festival, The Met in bury was great too! But I think the whole band agree on the Deaf Institute was probably one of our favourite nights ever, there’s just something about it that separates it from the rest. 

Who writes your songs?

James and George (our old guitarist) did all of the song writing and since George has left James has been carrying on with that role but Scott has started writing the music for the band for James to put lyrics over for a couple of the new ones. 

And what are the main themes or topics for most of your songs?

They’re all pretty much about girls really, just being young and looking to go and better yourself, things like that really.

What has been your biggest challenge as a band? 

Definitely when George left the band due to a disagreement that I can’t really discuss, it was sad to see one of your best mates go, but he’s onto other projects now so all the best to him! 

Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?  

Yeah, after a few months off to gather our thoughts we came back more keen than ever with Jack, Jack’s fit into the band really well, without a doubt one of the most talented lads I’ve ever met, he’s a massive knob but he’s one of the boys and we love him. 

What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?  

You really have to like your own songs, it’s not being arrogant in any way, but if you don’t like them who will? And friendship comes first every time, a band’s like a marriage in a way ( as weird as that sounds ) well it is if you’re all serious about it and are committed to it anyway. The only way it will work is if you don’t give up and you realise that these are your best mates when the business side of things turn ugly or when other things get rough, it looks fun when you see it on stage but when you want it so bad it’s really f*cking stressful and you have to put a hell of a lot of work into it, I don’t think outsiders realise that sometimes. 

Do you have any upcoming shows?

Yeah we have the Blind Tiger, Bury next Saturday, we have Factory in Manchester two weeks after that we are gonna hope to get a few gigs outside of Manchester and build a fan base elsewhere.

What does 2017 hold for you?

Hopefully just a lot of gigs really and a lot of new songs.. we’re just gonna do whatever is thrown at us. 

What can we look forward to from you?

There are new tunes on the way that are bigger and better than the old ones, we’re gonna be doing a lot of gigs over the next couple of years and we’ve been speaking to a few small festivals but nothing’s confirmed yet so I won’t say anymore about that. 

Where can would-be-fans get more information about you?

@MWinterOfficial Twitter  Website 

Check out our first EP 

Here’s our B-sides

QUICKFIRE (Answered by James )


Electric Guitar 


Blind Tiger, come down!


To have loads and loads of fans and playing sell out shows at Old Trafford




Man United, who else could it be! 


Not really a song but I’ve been known to Keep up with the Kardashians.. don’t ask why because I hate some of the people on there, sometimes I tune in too shout at about three of them through the tele but the rest are mega.. I’m a sucker for Dancing In The Moonlight but it’s not cheesy, it’s just a party tune and you never see someone being upset when that banger is on do you ? 


John Lennon, Noel Gallagher, Kelly Jones


Someone I don’t like? Anyone who supports Liverpool haha.. erm I really do think Jonathan Cheban ( Kim Kardashian’s lick arse ) is a total bellend, talk about a waste of space.. But I’m not sure if I can say that.


Coors Light 


Knebworth, Oasis. Doesn’t get much more Iconic that that, would have been mega to see them do the Etihad back in 2005, some big big tunes were played there.. 


Probably Noely G or Kelly Jones, if they ever read this the offers there.. 


Jumper, Spike Island and Grimsby are very close joint second though 


That’s really tough, Manchester are blessed with loads of great acts.. whoever I really get into gets signed shortly after.


Even better live. 




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