It’s no secret that we love going to gigs. It’s the place to see your favourites really let rip, and to discover some hidden gems as well. But if there’s one thing we love even more than going to gigs – it’s putting them on ourselves. And that’s exactly our plan with Bring It On Down. From July to December, we’re going to be bringing you an incredible mix of established acts and new talent to create a series of nights like nothing else.

Our Sheffield launch will be at the endlessly cool Café Totem on Friday 6th July, and we’ve got four explosive acts to whet your whistle.

Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1951403105173078/


For fans of: Sheafs, Strange Bones, The Runaways

What to expect: Heavy riffs, dirty basslines and plenty of opportunities to headbang.

These Sheffield-based psychedelic rockers always go down a storm in their hometown, so it’s no wonder they’re headlining Bring It On Down’s launch in the city.

Their sleazy, effects-laden sound goes hand-in-hand with their raw performance, oozing seamlessly between 60s acid rock and contemporary neo-grunge.

“We always look forward to playing at any of Northern Exposure’s gigs. The nights always have a decent crowd and are just unadulterated fun.”



For fans of: Himalayas, Baby Strange, QOTSA

What to expect: Earworms, energy and sweat. So much sweat.

Full disclosure, I’m in this band, so I’m going to try and tell you we’re good without sounding as arrogant as Morrissey. Wish me luck.

Blackpool-based Nana White Pepper has been blowing crowds away since the end of 2016, becoming known for their explosive performances and tight, seamless sets – they’ve walked into a venue full of strangers and won over the crowd more than once.

With four new tracks coming out this summer and some big shows to go along with them, now’s the time to jump aboard the Nana train.

Do you think I got away with it?



For fans of: No Hot Ashes, The Surrenders, The Stone Roses

What to expect: 60s vibes, an ingrained coolness, and some relentlessly danceable blues rock.

This is band that you see for the first time and you wish you were in them. They just ooze cool, and it comes from more than their attitude. They wear their blues influences on their sleeve – and so they should

The Mojo Filters have been up and down the country this year in support of their two latest singles Spark and Paradise Circus, and now the Brummie lads will be making a triumphant return to Sheffield at the start of July.



For fans of: The Kavaliers, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, White Stripes

What to expect: Classic rock sensibilities, wailing solos and wisdom beyond their years.

This Sheffield-based three-piece have been jamming since their school days, and you can really tell from their chemistry together on stage and in the studio.

Their influences come from far and wide, something which has helped them to craft a varied yet consistent sound, always coming back to those classic rock and roll vibes you just can’t beat.

“We’ve played Totem once before and it was amazing. We love the vibes of playing there and can’t wait to play again. There’s history there too, what they’ve achieved in helping unsigned acts get exposure is really important. Looking forward to playing with Fluorescent again too, we’ve known them since we first started, and they’re a great group of lads who play some killer grunge!”

When these four bands make it big in the next few years, make sure you’re not kicking yourself when you could have caught them for a fiver in your hometown!

Ticket link: https://www.seetickets.com/event/bring-it-on-down/caf-totem-sheffield/1226512



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