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Hook laden, energetic and soulful songwriter Sam Scherdel has been penning music since his early teens. With his gravelly yet soulful voice contributing to his unique blueprint; his music has never too far strayed from the ‘Britpop’ resonances that influenced his youth. Based in Doncaster & Sheffield, he has become a staple amongst the music scene around the North of England. With critical acclaim from BBC introducing and a great multitude of performances ranging from the local tap room through to Ibiza Rocks & Glastonbury, make Sam one of the great song writing talents that is well deserving of turning heads. Having had a 5-year hiatus from releasing music he has been working with Aidan Thomson (Alvarez Kings/Steelworks Studios) on new material and returns with a much more mature and polished approach. 


Tell me a bit about yourself & why should we check you out? 

Not your standard singer songwriter, not many plodding acoustic numbers more big hooks, big atmospheric sounds, synths, bells and no whistles… (yet but working on it) Big melodies, chorus’s and singalongs!!

Who are your major influences and why?  

The Beatles are the foundation as hellishly conventional that is, also American powerhouses like Billy Joel and Springsteen both songwriters that made me really my my ears to a song… I suppose then it was all the indie and Britpop that was always in the background of my coming of age that really gave me that bullishness and determination. I always appreciated older stuff and my mum used to play a lot of REM and Bowie etc. My other family are Stones obsessed. So it all in a roundabout way contributed to the decision to have a stab at becoming a guy with a guitar. 


If you had to sum the band up in 5 words what would they be? 

Hooks, energetic, soulful, happy but also moody. 

Who writes your songs? What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs (where do you get your inspiration from)?  

It’s all me, my producer Aidan Thompson (Alvarez Kings/Steelworks studios) throws around the arrangement chords progressions sometimes but everything’s recorded in my home studio and sent over to Aidan who makes it sound shiny. It’s funny one with the songs, I think I write sub consciously, As it’s going on the paper I seem to think it’s all a bit random and meaningless but I can look back 2 years later and pin point exactly what I was on about and the majority of is stuff that’s happening in the then and now in my personal life. I do like story telling though and creating concepts. 

Who is your favourite unsigned/underground band at the moment and why? 

Been enjoying The Skinner Brothers definitely and there tour updates. There here to make a massive shockwave it seems. Marquis Drive have got some proper Brit pop noise going off as well. 

What’s in your car CD player right now or the last song played on Spotify?  

Gang of youths – Magnolia a fucking stunning piece of sound. 

What is the best festival you’ve ever been to? 

Glastonbury hands down every time. 

Tiktok or Instagram?

Instagram – It’s more my demographic, I do use both as platforms but for enjoyability it’s Instagram every day. Social media is consuming enough for a musician without figuring out how to connect with Tiktok, but it’s part of a musicians daily task list in 2022. 

Describe to me your live performance? 

Always energetic, even the solo acoustic gigs. I can’t be static. The new live shows which are coming in the summer are going to sound massive… we’re putting together a proper production, I’ve made a conscious effort to pay attention to all the detail and no stones going unturned. Got together an amazing band and absolutely fucking itching to get out with them. 


On that note do you have any upcoming shows? 

Two acoustic shows in South York’s announced one at the Imperial Mexborough (supporting Toploader) and following that with the Ship Inn, Kelham Island Sheffield 28th May. Then we’re going into the full band shows and hopefully a tour Autumn/Winter.

You’re stranded on a desert island and have an album to get through, what is it?  

Track for track I’ve genuinely never known why Be Here Now by Oasis got so condemned. I fucking love that album. 

What’s on the horizon, what can we look forward to from you?  

So there’s an 8 single plan in place to take me to 2023. I want the fruits of 2022’s labour to get me on some festivals in 2023 and start building that live connection that’s needed in music. I’m absolutely loving the journey and it’s really shown me how much my mental health deteriorates if I’m not around my passion. The graft is hard and it’s the most Anti social fucking job in the world despite being around new people all the time but it scratches a need itch. I’m working my fucking arse off this year to do things right and in proper DIY style. There’s too much good music I’ve written to grow old and think “Ah yeah, wish I would’ve done that” life’s shown me recently it’s exceptionally short. 

Follow Sam on his socials below. Pre-save the new single & follow on Spotify here: https://smarturl.it/j0xcji 


FOOTBALL – Man Utd ffs.

GUILTY PLEASURE SONG – Want You Back – Jackson 5.

HERO – Bowie.

VILLAIN –  Any (strictly any) reality show participant.

BEST COMEDY SHOW – Peep Show, UK Office close 2nd.

THREADS – Belstaff jackets (any).

HOOFS – Gazelles 

AT THE BAR? – Spiced Rum and Coke.

NIGHT OUT WITH ANYONE – Bowie as the hero be rude not to.  

FILM – Pulp Fiction.

TOP TUNE OF ALL TIME – One Day Like This – Elbow or Heroes Bowie. Both funeral contenders. 

THREE WORDS – Hooks. Catchy. Determined.







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