Last Thursday (4th November) I had the pleasure of attending Rag’n’Bone Man’s ‘Life Through Misadventure’ tour. Catching him at Mountford Hall in Liverpool to perform an impressive eighteen-song set containing some of his most popular singles, intertwined with tracks from his most recent album, of which this tour is named after.

Fans of the Sussex-born singer, whose real name is Rory Graham, lined the Liverpool University based venue, kitted out in merch, eager to hear his soulful voice booming through the live speakers.

With support from Max Whites delicate acoustic set, containing smooth and romantic vocals paired with a soft pop melody and charismatic stage persona, as well as Emily Burns, whose honest and captivating lyrics explore themes such as sexuality, loneliness, and vulnerability, an electric atmosphere filled the room leading up to the main event.





Through the excited babble of the crowd, the lights dimmed, and the speakers buzzed, then the band arrived on stage, taking formation. After a short pause, the man of the hour finally appeared, smiling, and waving to the fans.

The thing about Mountford Hall is it’s a small enough venue to feel intimate with a name as big as Rag’n’Bone Man, yet it’s big enough to feel like a space worthy of his presence.

Therefore, when the show opened with All You Ever Wanted it felt as if this wasn’t merely going to be a two and a half thousand capacity show, but a twenty thousand arena spectacular.

Untitled 7

Starting with three of his arguably most well-known songs, All You Ever Wanted, Fall In Love Again, and Skin, the show appeared to be going strong, however, as the performance reached his slower ballads Perfume and Grace, it felt as if the attention span of this alcohol-infused crowd might be flagging a bit.

Not to confuse this lack of energy to be a sign of the audience not enjoying themselves, and let’s especially not let it reflect Rag’n’Bone Man’s incredibly powerful and crystal-clear vocals. Combined with his incredible band, made up of a guitarist, trumpeter, keys, and synth players, drums, and two amazing vocalists, whose honey-smooth voices blended perfectly with Graham’s silky blues tones.

It merely seemed that sticking to his faster-paced, ‘yell at the top of your lungs’ songs were what his fans were wanting, lucky for them the second half of the show contained tracks filled with swaying and sing-along potential.

Untitled 5

Crossfire and Party’s Over had them jumping and screaming the lyrics and by the time he finished his set with chart-topping single Humans, an encore was deemed a necessity.

Concluding this larger-than-life show with Hell Yeah and Giants, Rag’n’Bone Man certainly succeeded in giving his fans a night to remember. Hopefully, Liverpool will become a regular stop on his future tours.



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