Garden Party are a newly formed outfit living in Manchester, who have just released their debut single ‘Tomorrow’. Before even releasing a song, the band were making their mark on the live scene, and were even penned in to support the brilliant Family Rain at Gullivers before it was postponed. We caught up with them just before they released ‘Tomorrow’.
Tell me a bit about your band & why should we check you out?
Sam – “Garden Party are a 4 piece indie rock band based in Manchester. the idea of the band has been kicking about for about a year, with Kieran and Liam writing our debut single, Tomorrow, back in June 2019. We’re constantly pushing ourselves more and more into the scene and take influences from artists like Sam Fender, The Smiths and The Cure. We think you should check us out because you don’t want to miss the wave”
Who are your major influences and why?
Liam – “My major influence in terms of lyrics wise would have to be Sam Fender. I like the way he touches on topics that have been stigmatised and also tackles social issues in the process.”
Kieran – “As a band, we all have our own influences that we bring to the table when it comes to writing songs, I’m very into early Verve which is quite dreamy, whereas the rest of the band also like bands like Fontaine’s D.C, so we try and integrate all of our influences into the songwriting process”
Where do you get your inspiration from to write songs, what gets those creative juices flowing?
Liam – “My first main inspiration for this song would have to be Catfish and The Bottlemen. I love the way their songs lead up to a moment and I think you can see that influence in ‘Tomorrow’, as the solo comes in that’s our interpretation of that ‘moment’. Also in terms of lyrics they have huge choruses which are always really catchy and I think I tried to capture that with the melody and lyrics in the chorus. I also find The War on Drugs to be a massive inspiration, you can hear that in the ambient lead guitar in the verse, it’s subtle but definitely there.”
The Covid19 crisis has hit the industry really hard all across the board, how have you personally as a band dealt with it?
Dieter – “The most important thing to us is the connection we share with the people that support us, as having such an enthusiastic audience is so encouraging as a band. During lockdown we’ve done livestreams and had many performances on some virtual festivals as well as being featured on BBC Introducing. We’ve dealt with the pandemic quite well as a band as we had studio time booked and gigs booked which were all cancelled but we still managed to make the most of it by releasing our debut single all whilst in lockdown.”
Your debut single ‘Tomorrow’ is out today, what inspired the lyrics for the track and what can we expect?
Liam – “The lyrics are about the end of a relationship, not so much the break up but more when you know it’s inevitable that it’s happening but you’re a bit reluctant to accept it. With what to expect from the song I’d say: big choruses and guitars with a catchy melody. I think the main aim with ‘Tomorrow’ was to let the music itself take you on a journey and I felt as though by over complicating the lyrics it would distract and not allow you to be as taken by the music itself.”

How important is the artwork to your releases  to you?
Sam – “The artwork for ‘Tomorrow’ was taken by a friend of the band, Josh Hesketh. We decided to use it because it’s a photo of Manchester and obviously that’s where we formed so we thought it was only right to use it because of where the picture was taken. We never really put much thought into it but for future releases we’ll probably start to get a better idea of where we’ll be heading with the artwork”
What’s on the horizon going forward, what can we look forward to next?
Kieran – “At the moment we’re all starting to move back to Manchester again so we’ll be able to get some practise in for when gigs happen again. We’re going to start working on our next single, it’s non stop for us really! We put our heart into everything to do with the band and the eagerness of us all is what drives us as a band. But yeah hopefully more music and the return of gigs!”


(Answered by Kieran)
WEAPON OF CHOICE – My weapon of choice has to be my Fender Strat!
FOOTBALL – The Champions, Liverpool!
GUILTY PLEASURE – World of our Own by Westlife
HERO – Nick McCabe from The Verve
VILLAIN – Katie Hopkins
BEST COMEDY SHOW – Definitely the US Version of The Office, controversial opinion but it’s better than the UK version.
THREADS – It’s got to be Pretty Green!
AT THE BAR – Southern Comfort, Lime and Lemonade. Liam introduced me to them!
GIG YOU WISHED YOU’D BEEN AT – The Verve at Glasto 2008, the greatest headline set by a band at that festival ever
NIGHT OUT WITH ANYONE – I reckon a night out at The Cut in Newcastle with Sam Fender would be a class night out like.
FILM – This is England, Shane Meadows is class, also rate ‘Made of Stone’ that he did for the Roses Reunion.
SOUNDTRACK – This has definitely got to be ‘Trainspotting’ hasn’t it? Some proper class tunes on there.
Play it out by DMA’s
History by The Verve
I am the Resurrection by The Stone Roses
TOP OF THE POPS – About to be saved by Garden Party, is that too egotistical? Haha!
THREE WORDS – Cool As Fuck


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Twitter – @GardenPartyManc
Instagram – @GardenPartyBandUK


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