I had the pleasure of catching up with The Method One after hearing very good things about the five-piece who hail from Greenock outside Glasgow. After hearing what they had to offer, I wanted to discover more about them. Here’s what vocalist Robert McGovern had to say:

“John is our Keith Moon, a fantastic drummer and sings the high harmonies. A good friend recommended Biscuit. Gary our guitarist was recommended by a friend as he knew we both loved spacey guitars, Verve, Spiritualized etc. He plays a lot of lead and fills out the atmospherics. Dodge is our bassist, I’ve known him from playing in some of our old bands. Solid bassist and deals with our media side of things too, radio plays, band camp and stuff. Myself, I play the guitar and like to jump between rhythm and lead and sing backing vocals too.”

This Scottish line-up has been together for 3 years or so and are finally happy with what they’re producing as the band. Robert writes most of the music, constructing the lyrics for their earlier songs too, but recently it’s become a team effort of the band. Biscuit writes his own lyrics and melodies and Gary has added to the songwriting too.

“Inspiration? Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Unkle, Stone Roses, Verve, Manics, Oasis, Bunnymen, Joy Division and Creation Records back catalogue.

Robert tells me:

“On the scene now; I love The K’s and The Illicits, saw and heard them both recently and they blew me away. The future of rock n roll is in safe hands. Our bands plans; we hope to release a new single very soon and get ourselves more gigs to tour it with and some festival slots too. We’ve picked up radio plays in Japan, Sweden, Switzerland as well as on Andy Lewis’ show on Soho Radio with previous songs so hopefully, the same people will continue to play us and our audience grows. We write new material constantly, we have 6 new songs to record with the hard task of picking one.”

The lads are gigging in Paisley Bungalow on the 10th of May alongside ‘The Medicine Men’. A local gig in Greenock a week after, then they’re hitting the studio before heading out to play an indie festival in Spain on 13th July. The band have previously worked with Creation Records co-founder, producer Joe Foster. Giving them the sound they needed to hone. Robert has personally worked with Jim Beattie co-founder of Primal Scream, his brother Tony the guitarist in Texas, Ian from Medicine Men, Adrian who managed Pete Doherty, and Brian O’Shaughnessy who produced parts of Screamadelica.

“We haven’t supported any huge bands so far but were lined-up to support ‘Love’ in Spain, sadly they had to pull out (promoter issues) but Alan McGee has had us down to his club nights supporting the likes of Alias Kid. The Medicine Men are doing really well and have a name for themselves so that’ll be a good one.”

Life Obscene’ kicks off in an undoubtedly promising way. TMO waste no time as they jump right into the heart of the song.

The lyrics are seductively quite dark and sinister, not to mention the edgy, intense rhythm which flows in this song with fast, commanding drums and guitars to match. Music executive Alan McGee of Creation23 previously described the talented Scottish band as:

“The Stones jamming with The Stooges and Spiritualized”

Alan Mcgee

This is most definitely my kind of music and I implore you to check these guys out, they do not disappoint.


FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/themethodone/



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