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Released as a 7” single on Alan McGee’s new Creation23 label, Essex-based art rockers Rubber Jaw have just put out their debut single ‘Feeling Funny’ and it’s already received plays from BBC Radio 6.  

This is one of the most genre-bending, eccentric tracks we’ve heard in a long time. Beautifully melodic and harmonising vocals lie on top of a gentle backbeat that ascends and descends into controlled chaos from the get-go.

Wonderfully experimental, whilst also maintaining an edge that’s both intriguing and powerful, ‘Feeling Funny’ makes for effortless listening. Brilliantly structured, written and produced, each section layers up scattered keyboards, eerie percussion and a whole array of fuzz and feedback that adds to the impact of the chorus. ‘You’ve got me feeling funny’ is a line that will be etched into your brain for days on end.

If the idea of a single is to set the tone for what’s to come, then it’s safe to say we can’t wait to hear more from these boys. 

Order their debut single on limited edition colour vinyl here:




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