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Gaz is a vocalist from Keighly in West Yorkshire, he picked up his first guitar at the age of 13 and completely void of lessons, Gaz is 100% self taught.

His songs vary from upbeat catchy songs to slower ballads which i’d consider accented rock sounds. His gratey tones could be compared to an early Liam Gallagher.

 Gaz chats to me with an aura of confidence and upon hearing his offerings its comprehensible why.

Hi Gaz, so whats been happening with you are you in the studio?

Hi, yes we’ve been busy in the studio and recorded 17 tracks 10 of which will make up the album which i’m hoping to release soon. It’s not been published yet because i’m completely self funded and plus the album has to be tight as cramp.

Would you say you had a specific style & influence or would you consider you stuff to have multiple?

I’d definitely say it’s multiple I grew up around the 90’s music so I have those influences, Oasis, The Verve etc. I also love 60s Northern soul & Motown so I try to mix the 2 together with a few of my own bits, it kinda works.

On hearing your stuff I could immediately sense the passion which has gone into the lyrics are they inspired from personal experiences? 

There’s definitely a lot of passion, I get a feel for it, it comes naturally self taught on the guitar, I mess around a lot with it. The album name ‘It Is What It Is’ is from my dads response to him finding out he had cancer so its a massive tribute to him alongside the track ‘Dont Wanna Say Goodbye’

My sweet baby is what I think is a perfect relationship and ‘What Will Be Will Be’ is about being grateful for all I have.

Your songs express your versatility when you were making the album was it song by song & pieced together or did you think of it as a complete package?

Individual tracks which had to be perfect and then I choose what I wanted on the album.

How are you promoting the album?

With great difficulty, I’m self funded and I dont know who to go to or where to start, I get round it though.

Very exciting that Brain Cannon has done the artwork for your cover, what was it like working with him?

I absolutely love working with Brian Cannon, he’s a top bloke and we always have such a laugh. Brain just kinda gets my stuff and i’m grateful to work with him.

How did you teach yourself to play guitar?

Well I was 13 and learnt a few cords from the songs I liked back then and its been a progression since there really.

Whats the end dream?

Well I have so many songs I could release album after album but I need funds for a session band. I just wanna do good for music and get my stuff out there, i’m not bothered about any flash money to just get out and do what I love.

Where can we hear your tracks at the moment?

You Tube & my Facebook music page – Gaz Blackburn.

Gaz Blackburn Facebook

Images Brian Cannon/Microdot

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  1. Bernie McCann says:

    Fab interview. Very talented musician, writes his music , from the heart.💋

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