Templars are original artists creating music from a range of genres such as Indie, alternative, pop and electronic.

All members are based in Stockport, Greater Manchester and it is currently where the band rehearse.

Members hold 10+ years experience in bands, gigging, recording and music theory.

What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your major influences?

We would consider ourselves overall as an indie band, with a mix of indie pop and indie rock. Our influences individually vary considerably; ranging from The 1975, to Blink 182, to The Stone Roses. When we come together and compose new songs, we input each influence into this unique sound. To some people, they can’t pinpoint an exact band to match our music and say “Oh they sound like this band”. We pride ourselves in this fusion of influences to create our own unique sound.

How long have you all known each other? How did you meet?

I’ve known Scott for so many years, I originally met him at air cadets in Stockport and we became friends off our mutual liking of the Arctic Monkeys. We’ve been in bands together previously, but we wanted to branch off and start our own project. So at the start of 2016 we formed Templars. I personally know Kenny from working in a pub and got him in the band after he left his old band he was playing bass for. With Jack, Scott had met him a couple of times through other friends previously, so we got him on drums for the band.

You recorded your 6 track EP over in Portugal, how did that come about?

We got to know our producer we have now (André Eusébio), who lives over in Portugal through mutual friendships. He mixed and mastered our first record “Inelegant Relations” when we e-mailed over our stems we recorded over here in England. It was his dream to open up his own studio in Portugal, so after he built it up himself and kitted it out, he invited us to come over. We were the first band to record in Lemon Drops Media, and we lived in that studio for a week. It was an incredible experience being completely immersed in music in a foreign country and letting our creativity flow naturally. The music that comes out of this new record, which is due to be released soon, was all composed over in Montijo, Portugal.

You also played a gig over in Portugal how was that received?

Yeah, since it was quite a big deal we flew over from England, André decided to have a big grand opening for his new studio. At the end of the week after we finished recording, we setup a stage in the lobby and André invited all his friends and family to come and watch us play – we had a local support band and everything! A lot of them had heard of us before, and it was a fantastic feeling seeing a few of them sing back our songs and ask us for photos and autographs. It was an incredible experience for our first ever international gig!


Who writes your songs? And what are the main themes or topics?

In “Inelegant Relations” it was mainly me and Scott who wrote the songs. Over in Portugal we decided to do it differently and wrote them piece by piece together in the studio. There are some songs on the new record we wrote the lyrics for individually, and some collectively – so it was a big group effort! “Inelegant Relations” pretty much says it in the album title, that record is about the feeling, experience and empathy of love, lust and loss. Trying to mix things up a bit, with the new record we focused more on self reflection as a general theme for the EP.

What has been your biggest challenge as a band? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?

One of the biggest challenges as a band is to get people to actually listen to music you’ve recorded. Some will like it, and others won’t. We don’t expect everyone to like our music, we just hope some people can connect with it and feel what we’re trying to get across in our songs and empathise their own interpretation in our music. The problem nowadays is there are so many bands out there making good music; it’s difficult to stand out and set yourself apart from the rest. We have tried to overcome this challenge by pushing our social media hard and it has worked somewhat. The thing that we, and other bands need to understand, is that it takes a long time to build a stable fan base, if you’re patient with it, it will eventually come if your music is good enough.

What’s your ultimate direction for your band?

We have the best times being in this band, especially going over to Portugal for a week to make some new music. I wouldn’t have changed that for anything and I hope there are plenty more opportunities like that in the future. Obviously we want more and more people to enjoy our music and to play bigger stages over time. However, at the same time, we are just enjoying ourselves with what we’re doing and we’re going to keep going until we physically can’t do it anymore. Whether we make something big out of this band or not, I’ve still had the best times and a great laugh with my best mates along the way.

How can fans-to-be gain access to your music? Do you have a website with sample songs or a demo CD?

We give all our music away for free, you can download it for free off our soundcloud or bandcamp profiles. You can also stream our music on Spotify, iTunes and Apple music. Our official website is

Here’s our social media links if you’re interested:

What does 2017 hold for the band?

This year has our new record coming out, starting with our brand new single ‘Hope’ coming out on Friday 24th February. We’ve applied for a lot of festivals this year so we hope to get on a few of them. We’ve already confirmed for Dome Festival at Devonshire Dome in Buxton on 4th March. We currently have a couple of gigs booked in Manchester at The Deaf Institute and Gullivers coming up – so check them out! After our new record is released we are planning to tour around the UK and give the opportunity to our fans around the country to see us live. They keep asking us to come to their city on our social media, so we will try to play venues far away from home.

Templar’s play Gulliver’s NQ on 23 March tickets here…….



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